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Long Term Condition Reviews Part 1 & 2

We have changed the way we provide reviews for our patients with long term conditions. If you have been diagnosed with a long term condition like Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Asthma or COPD we will invite you in to have a review on a yearly basis and we will work with you to support you to manage your condition in the best possible way.

If you have more than one of these conditions you will have them all reviewed in one appointment with the practice nurse. The nurse may invite you in more frequently or refer you on to a GP or to other services if you are having complications of your condition or require additional support.

Part 1 – You will be asked to make an appointment with either the Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant. During this appointment they will gather information required and carry out any tests needed, for example bloods, weight and/or BP check so that the clinician has all of the information they needs to carry out a thorough review.

Part 2 – Once your results are back you will be contacted to come in for the second part of your review (the completion appointment). You will see either the Practice Nurse or the Doctor to complete your review. Prior to this appointment your results will be sent to you so you can look through them and have a think about whether there is anything in particular you wish to discuss. The second part of the review is vital so that you can have a chat with the clinician and plan the care of your long term condition for the next year ahead, thus giving you as much involvement in your healthcare as possible.

To make it easy for you to remember when you are due your review in future we will invite you in during the month of your birthday.

Cervical Smears

It is recommended that most women have routine cervical smears taken every three years from the age of 25 until they reach the age of 65. Please telephone and make an appointment. Routine smears are usually taken by the Practice Nurse or occasionally by a Doctor if necessary.


The Dietitian offers expert advice on dietary management and nutrition etc. The Dietitian has a clinic once a month. You will need a referral from a GP or nurse to see the dietitian.

Drug and Alcohol

If you require support around drug or alcohol misuse Gateshead Evolve can help. You can refer yourself to the service by calling 0191 594 7821 or email Alternatively you can speak to your GP.

Antenatal clinic

If you are pregnant please contact the surgery and one of the receptionists will take details from you and pass these onto our midwife, Collette, who will then complete a ”booking appointment” at home. After this your ante-natal appointments will take place at the surgery.

Minor Surgery

Dr Bolel can do minor surgery procedures, please make an appointment with him to discuss this further.

Nursing Home Reviews

Reviews are carried out on all patients residing in nursing homes, according to local guidelines and using recommended record sheets.

Palliative Care

We provide palliative care to our patients who require this, in conjunction with our colleagues in the District Nursing and Macmillan services. The doctors have an interest in palliative care and aim to provide patients with physical, psychological and social support during terminal illness.

Travel and other Immunisations

The Practice offers a full range of travel vaccinations (excluding yellow fever) and travel health promotion. Patients’ immunisations status is routinely reviewed and boosters given as per immunisation schedules. Influenza vaccination clinics are provided annually by all of the nursing team.

Please make appointments at least 6 weeks prior to departure.Travel and other Immunisations

Primary Care Mental Health & Talking Therapies

Problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and phobias are very common. If you are suffering any of these  help is available from Gateshead Primary Care Mental Health and IAPT Team. If you are aged over 16 you can self refer by calling 0191 0191 283 2541. Alternatively you can book an appointment to see a GP to discuss a referral.

If you are aged under 16 please make an appointment to see a GP to be referred for support.


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