Long Term condition reviews

Long Term Condition reviews

We have changed the way we provide reviews for our patients with long term conditions.

If you have been diagnosed with a condition like Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypertension, Asthma or COPD or have a history of a heart related condition, narrower bloods vessels (PAD), previous stroke or mini stroke, or a condition that affects your kidneys (CKD),  we will invite you in to have a review on a yearly basis in your birthday month and we will work with you to agree a care plan that will enable you to manage your condition/s in the best possible way.

Your annual review will ususally consist of two parts, the first spart will involve an appointment with the Nurse or Healthcare Assistant to take all the inforation needed such as height, weight, BP, bloods etc. if needed. The tests will be sent off and once back will be reviwed by the GP, after the results have been reviewed you will need to come back for the second part of your annual review where you will see either the Doctor or the Practice Nurse. Prior to this appointment you will be sent your results and a ‘Care Planning’ document where you can jot down anything in particular you wish to disuss in your appointment. togerther you and the clinican will use the results and your care planning document to plan your care for the year ahead.

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